What Are NKRAs?

Reducing Crime Overview

NKRA 2014 Achievements

The implementation of the Reducing Crime NKRA (CRI NKRA) was an easy decision for the Government after surveys showed that crime was the second largest area of concern for the rakyat after the economy.

With the public dissatisfied over a number of security issues ranging from rising crime statistics to basic police services, the NKRA was tasked to conduct a major overhaul of the system.

Thus, the GTP 1.0 set about a number of initiatives to reverse the trend in crime and to increase public satisfaction of police services that reported impressive results. A number of banner programmes, such as the Omnipresence and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Safe City Programme), were introduced to tackle the problem from various angles.

Despite the successes of GTP 1.0, crime continues to be a pressing concern for Malaysians with many demanding greater security in the country of late after a sudden spate of criminal occurrences. GTP 2.0 continues the work of GTP 1.0 in this vein and looks to bring about a more robust change in the country’s policing system to set-up an ‘intelligence-based policing’.

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