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GTP 1.0 Reducing Crime

The NKRA implemented 55 initiatives in GTP1.0, which resulted in drastic improvement in our 5 key areas

The Reducing Crime's 5 key areas of focus followed surveys highlighting the public concern regarding crime:

  • Reducing reported index crime
  • Reducing reported street crime
  • Reducing the fear of becoming a victim of crime
  • Improving the justice system
  • Increasing public satisfaction with the Royal Malaysian Police (Polis Di-Raja Malaysia or PDRM) performance

Some of the initiatives in GTP 1.0 will be enhanced and expanded in GTP 2.0, especially those that were shown to be particularly effective. Examples include the NKRA’s Omnipresence and Safe City Programmes.


  • Reduction of Index Crime

    Reduction of Index Crime

    • Index crimes comprise 13 different categories, and are deemed to be serious offences occurring with sufficient regularity to serve as a measure of the overall crime situation in the country.

    • The targeted goal of the GTP 1.0 was to achieve a 5% reduction in overall reported index crime annually from 2010 to 2012, but the actual results easily surpassed this target after reducing index crime by 15% in 2010 and 11% in 2011.

    • Nine key initiatives, including the Omnipresence Programme, implemented in the GTP 1.0 were responsible for bringing the level of index crime down. These initiatives focused on several key areas including motorcycle theft, house break-ins and car-thefts.

  • Reducing Reported Street Crime

    Reducing Reported Street Crime

    • Street crime comprises three categories – snatch theft, robbery with firearms and gang robbery with firearms. Street crimes are highly visible and thus tend to perpetuate public feelings of fear and insecurity.

    • The initial goal was to reduce street crime by 20% in the first year of the GTP 1.0, and this figure was handily surpassed with the NKRA reporting a reduction of 35% in 2010 from 2009. The target for the second year was a reduction of 40% based on the 2009 baseline, which was narrowly missed after the numbers from 2011 showed a reduction of 39.7%.

    • The goal is to reduce street crime by a further 5.3% in 2012. The Safe City Programme, built on CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) principles, is credited for having greatly reduced street crime levels.

  • Improving the Justice System

    Improving the Justice System

    • In tandem with the efforts to reduce the incidences of crime and to raise public confidence in the Malaysian justice system, the GTP 1.0 saw several initiatives directed towards improving the justice system.

    • The goal in the first phase of the GTP 1.0 was to clear the backlog of violent crime cases, and this was achieved in 2010 after 2,001 old cases were processed.

    • As the initiative had accomplished its goal, the NKRA changed its focus to increasing the ratio of charges made to investigations papers opened. In raising the charging rate, the Reducing Crime NKRA again saw several major accomplishments.

    • In 2011, the NKRA set a target of bringing at least 20% of arrests to trial, and this target was surpassed, with the ratio coming in at 23.4%. The goal is to further improve this ratio to 25% of all investigation papers opened in 2012.

  • Increase Public Satisfaction with Police Performance

    Increase Public Satisfaction with Police Performance

    • Public satisfaction with police performance is a crucial component in reducing crime as the rakyat’s trust and cooperation with the police can only be secured with increased satisfaction of the latter’s performance. In line with this initiative, customer service rating (CSR) devices were rolled out to all 82 police stations in Selangor with the goal of expanding the initiative nationwide.

    • As a result, public satisfaction of the police’s performance rose from 35.8% to 55.8% in the 2010, and subsequently to 65.3% in 2011. The target is to raise this number to 70% in 2012.

    • Encouragingly, this change in perception was also mirrored in external studies conducted by both national and international bodies. The World Justice project, for instance, named Malaysia the safest among 19 upper middle-income countries, and 12th safest overall, ahead of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Reducing Crime NKRA is under the tutelage of Ministry of Home Affairs

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