What Are NKRAs?

Raising Living Standards of Low-Income Households Overview

NKRA 2014 Achievements

In line with the Government’s commitment of ‘People First’, the Government implemented the Raising Living Standards of Low Income Households NKRA (LIH NKRA), which aims to help the needy segment of Malaysian society.

While the LIH NKRA explicitly aims to help reduce the disparity between the economically advantaged and disadvantaged, there is also the knock-on effect of raising the level of national income through its initiatives.

Thus the goals of the LIH NKRA are twofold: first, to provide immediate help for those most in need, and second, to ensure that the poor and extreme poor develop are given the right support to become financially self-sufficient. The NKRA also looks to address specific ethnic groups, which are caught in the cycle of poverty, thereby suffering from consequences such as malnutrition and inadequate education.

The flagship initiative of the GTP 1.0, the 1AZAM (Akhiri Zaman Miskin) programme, has seen significant results, but also yielded important lessons on the delivery of aid that will be incorporated in the GTP 2.0.

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