What Are NKRAs?

National Preschool Information System (SMPK)

The rollout of the National Preschool Information System or SMPK to collate data on both preschool institutions and students has been pivotal in monitoring and evaluating preschool education in a transparent manner.

As such, private preschools are highly encourage to register in the SMPK to ensure the operations comply to guideline. These guidelines are important to ensure all preschools adhere to safety and health regulations for the children's education environment.

If you know of any unregistered preschools, please email to eccecouncil@eccecouncil.org or visit www.eccecouncil.org for more information. Read the story here to learn more.

Check out the 3 posters on preschool guidelines below:

Pre-School Information System Pre-School Information System Pre-School Information System
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