What Are NKRAs?

Improving Students Outcomes Overview

NKRA 2014 Achievements

A highly-educated workforce is a crucial component in ensuring that Malaysia reaches its goal of becoming a high-income nation.

The international environment is becoming increasingly competitive with students from some peer countries starting to pull ahead in terms of their student performance.

In response to this, the Government has embarked on an ambitious 12-year programme – the National Education Blueprint – to effect short- and long-term changes to the country’s education system. The initiatives under the Assuring Quality Education NKRA (EDU NKRA) are the first wave of changes under the Blueprint targeting goals with immediate and far-reaching impact.

The EDU NKRA completed its first set of reforms under the GTP 1.0, and looks to further enhance and deepen these changes in GTP 2.0. The scope of the EDU NKRA is far-reaching and addresses all the links in the education chain from the district offices down to the student.

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