What Are NKRAs?

Improving Rural Development Overview

NKRA 2014 Achievements

The Improving Rural Development NKRA (RD NKRA), formerly known as the Rural Basic Infrastructure NKRA, directly supports the Vision 2020 goal of becoming a high-income nation by transforming rural areas into vibrant economic centres.

While the NKRA was preoccupied with laying the foundation of infrastructure in the GTP 1.0, its goal is now set on tackling the economic issues.

Rural areas remain a key economic focal point for the country as a vast segment of the rakyat continue to live there, and would prefer to live there if economic opportunities were more available. The RD NKRA aims to help reduce instances of diaspora by ensuring that the rakyat who choose to live in the rural areas can make a healthy and sustainable living, and not have to sacrifice one for the other.

The GTP 1.0 was a foundational step in that a thriving economy first requires the establishment of basic infrastructure. Now that most of that work is complete, the RD NKRA can embark on the second phase of revitalisation.

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