What Are NKRAs?

Fighting Corruption Overview

NKRA 2014 Achievements

The fight against corruption in Malaysia is a key focus of the GTP as it could stand in the way of the country attaining its ambition of being a high-income nation.

Corruption erodes public confidence in the ability of the Government and other key institutions in maintaining a fair playing field for all participants, and could dissuade private investment.

Corruption discourages greater participation in the national economy, and therefore has an adverse effect on Malaysia’s talent pool. There is also a growing concern that corruption is siphoning resources away from the economy, with reports noting that small enterprises were paying between 8% and 9% of their revenue base to pay bribes for licenses and permits.

The Reducing Corruption NKRA (COR NKRA) introduced a number of initiatives in the GTP 1.0 to transform the way the monitoring and enforcement of corruption, which addressed the issue from the top-down.

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