What Are NKRAs?


Providing access to quality early childhood education is fundamental to the process of nation building and ensuring that Malaysia is globally competitive.

Early childhood education plays an important role in stimulating cognitive development during the critical early years, thereby helping to shape the nation’s future leaders. Thus, access to quality childcare is important in ensuring that all children, regardless of socioeconomic background, have a head start in life.

Benefits of Early Child Care and Education (ECCE)

  • Getting a head start in education has significant long-term impacts on young children, often translating into better learning outcomes and earning potential
  • Childcare enables mothers to re-enter the workforce and to contribute to national productivity
  • Many business opportunities exist in the provision of quality ECCE:
    • The childcare market is largely untapped
    • Demand for quality childcare and preschool education is high

Reasons why the private sector needs to play a strong role:

  • Though the public sector has played a significant role in ECCE, a larger involvement by the private sector is needed to expand our targeted market size

    • Expansion within the public sector is not sufficient to meet the Education NKRA preschool enrolment target of 87% by 2012 and 88% by 2015 (ultimate target is 97% by 2020), and to increase enrolment target of childcare centres from 4% to 25% by 2020.

    • Quality child care centres encourage and facilitate women back to the workforce

    • Healthy competition among child care and preschool operators should lead to high quality service demanded by parents

To achieve these targets and to increase the number of childcare centres and preschools, the Government has provided the following grants and incentives:

  • Fee assistance for eligible preschool students
  • Launching grants for preschool operators
  • Tax incentives for childcare centres and preschool operators
  • Tax incentives for employers
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