What Are NKRAs?

Fee Assistance for Childcare to Parents - FAQs

Q: Is my live-in maid considered a dependant for purposes of calculation of per capita income?  
A:No, a live-in maid is not considered a dependant for purposes of per capita income calculation.

Q: If I am a Permanent Resident (PR), do I qualify for childcare fee assistance?
A: As long as at least one of his/her parents holds Malaysian citizenship, a child qualifies for fee assistance.     .

Q: Is my adopted child eligible for fee assistance?
A: Yes, but a parent must show official documentation to prove that the adoption is legally recognized. 

Q:Is a single mother/father eligible for fee assistance?
A: Yes, a single parent is eligible to apply for childcare fee assistance for his/her child.

Q: Are there any fees or payments that a parent needs to pay to the childcare operator in order to receive the fee assistance?
A: No, there are no fees or payments that need to be paid to the childcare operator in order to receive fee assistance. The application process for fee assistance is free. If a childcare operator is asking for such payments, kindly report the matter to JKM.  
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