GTP Overview

With every passing moment, Malaysia comes ever closer to the year 2020, the deadline it has set for itself to become a developed, high-income nation.

To the point, our country now has less than a decade left to raise its game, or risk falling further behind its regional peers to the detriment of its rakyat that are eagerly awaiting a brighter future.

Fortunately, Malaysia has already embarked on a plan to effect just such a transformation. At the heart of the plan is the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), an ambitious, broad-based programme of change to fundamentally transform the Government into an efficient and rakyat-centred institution.

GTP Objectives

The brainchild of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and implemented under the purview of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), the GTP is deeply rooted in the motto of 1Malaysia of ‘People First, Performance Now’.

The GTP’s Structure

The GTP’s structure is intuitive: identify the areas that need the most attention, and focus said attention on those areas. Through extensive consultation with key stakeholders, from the Ministries to the rakyat, the Government has come up with seven pressure points that it has designated National Key Results Areas (NKRAs). Moreover, the GTP also contains a Ministerial Key Results Area (MKRA) component, which addresses developmental goals not covered by the NKRAs.

GTP Structure

Following the completion of the implementation of the first horizon of changes – otherwise known as GTP 1.0 – each NKRA has reported significant changes in their respective sectors. Yet, it is too soon to rest on our laurels for there is a long way yet ahead of the country for its transformation story. The results of the initiatives are readily available in this website and other publications, and hence is a testament to the Government's commitment of transparency and accountability.

The Purpose of this Website

Though the process of change will come from within the Government itself, it is important for the rakyat at large to be aware of, and supportive, of the initiatives. This website aims to provide as accurate and up-to-date information on the GTP though more detailed information is only available through PEMANDU’s publications.

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