GTP: The Story So Far

The Government Transformation Programme (GTP) is a single blueprint that has been divided into three distinct horizons each with their own focal points.

Each horizon aims to build on the achievements of the preceding one by introducing greater and deeper change.

GTP 1.0: The First Horizon

GTP 1.0: The first horizon The first horizon of the GTP kicked off in 2010 following the identification of the National and Ministerial Key Results Areas (NKRAs and MKRAs). As the curtain-raiser for the GTP as a whole, the immediate goal of GTP 1.0 was to arrest the decline in the NKRAs and to sow the seeds of mentality-change that would lay the foundation for the remainder of the transformation programme.

GTP 1.0 also played an important role in helping the Government gauge the effectiveness of its targeted approach, and to help us better understand how to best meet the overall targets of the GTP. Quantifiable National Key Performance Indicators (NKPIs) of GTP 1.0, i.e. the targets of each NKRA, were introduced to help gauge the success of each individual initiative thereby providing real and measurable standards from which to judge the success of each respective horizon.

GTP 2.0: Enhancing Change

GTP 1.0: Enhancing change By almost all accounts, the GTP 1.0 ‘pilot’ programme has been a stellar success judging from its results that can be found here. GTP 2.0, which formally kicks off in 2013, aims to further deepen and enhance the transformative initiatives initiated in the first phase. GTP 2.0 expands and enhances GTP 1.0 initiatives that have proven to be effective, and introduces new initiatives that further expand the nexus of change.

GTP 3.0: To the Future and Beyond

GTP 1.0: The future and beyond Finally, the last phase of the GTP, which will run from 2015 to 2020, will leverage on the changes brought about by the two previous horizons to establish new innovative governance structures that are rakyat-centred. These structures will thus support other economic activities that will take Malaysia to developed nation status.

The gradual change in focus of the GTP is a necessary part of this transformation process as it allows for each respective stakeholder to build a proper foundation each step of the way. Measures are also simultaneously evaluated to determine their efficacy and re-strategised to cope with new challenges or changing parameters.

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